Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello July! Escape!

Water Lilies by Claude Monet 1905
July's flower is the water lily.

I'm inspired by the Villingli Resort in the Maldives, a ridiculously perfect
place to leave it all behind.  Situated in the middle of a series of islands
in the Indian Ocean, this resort promises ultimate relaxation
in the form of secluded water-side huts which float
(like water lilies) over the bay on stilts.
It reminds me half of Robinson Crusoe, half of the Jungle Book!

Welcome July!
I'm dreaming of a secluded and totally relaxing vacation.
.....and this place is jaw dropping gorgeous!!! 

Monet Painting via; all other images from the awesome blog and

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  1. Olga dear! I see you are a lover of blue, as I am! THANK YOU for coming to visit this morning. Yes, the colors of our world are to be explored through other mediums such as much or taste, feel or sight...embrace it all and happy fourth of JULY!!!! Come back again! Anita