Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Royal Amethyst

The always regal-looking Amethyst, a violet quartz, is associated with spirituality and wisdom.  I love this color, but I have yet to use it to decorate my home and only have one sweater in this lovely hue.    After discovering these photos, I definitely want to (and have to!) add a dash of purple to my life.  After all, my home (or any home) could use the feel-good qualities that amethyst represents.
{Craig Van Den Brulle Amethyst Lamps}
These lamps would be an amazing accent for my bedroom and are absolutely gorgeous!
Monique Pean necklace 
 An amethyst extravagance 

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  1. CONGRATS!!! YOU are the winner of my handpainted bookmark giveaway...
    email me some photos and I will select one to paint...